About me ♥

My name is Imogen, and if you are reading this now, you have somehow come across this blog full of my inspiration. I am an aspiring fashion worker, and hope to work for some of the highest fashion magazines such as vogue later on in my life. I love writing, I love fashion, so I put these to together and recently decided to create a site full of my fashionable notes and personal style. Because I am still fairly new at this, I am still learning and would appreciate all the advice you guys have. My hobbies apart from fashion and writing include snuggling up to a supernatural marathon and reading a good book, or anything to do with music and art. I am a dreamer, and I wish to travel the world at least once in my lifetime. I appreciate anyone with an open mind and an opinion. I currently live in Australia in Brisbane, but I have traveled to many places including France, England, Wales, Germany, and basically all around Europe. I hope you enjoy! 

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