Work Experience for a stylist- Part 1

For my Work experience I didn't really know what to do, but when i was offered the chance to work for my Aunty, also great stylist, Laura Stead (www.thestylereport.com.au) I was beyond thrilled. The chance to work for four days surrounded by gorgeous clothes and experts who definitely know what they are doing! It was heaven, just the thought of it made me smile stupidly. So for the next few weeks i will be following up on my experiences with a few blog posts about the products i have received, and tried (like NAK- a Australian brand of hair products) And about the labels and brands I have come across and now realise I want nothing more than to stock up on their products. But I will also explain to you what it was like having the time of my life;, even though it was hard work racing from shop to shop preparing for the fashion parade, i got to play with clothes!

So keep checking and i will try to update as often as possible. 
Until next time! xx

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