My favorite bloggers ❤

Sorry for the delay in posts, but this one is one that i'm sure you will all love!
These blogs are the ones i have been following for a long time and i'm positive you will all adore there work. They are:

She brings to our computer screens beautiful pictures of her adventures around the world, and her amazing personal style. She lives in Melbourne, Australia. 
She never fails to impress!

Miss B's blog, A girl a style is enjoyable and exciting to read, due to the many beautifully thought out posts and her classy and elegant style.

Elena has a very interesting style. I personally love reading her post and seeing what she comes up with .The blog is very cute and decorated nicely, and the photos are very well taken as well.

So there you have it! My main favorite blogs that are nearly always in one of my background tabs.
I hope you check these out and enjoy!

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