My Feburary Wishlist

For School/work: Now that it's February and we are all straight back into school and work (school for me), I have decided to become organised. I have many notebooks and folders that I am attempting to color code so I can stay on track with my studies. That's how this personal writing journal from Etsy could come useful!

Asos Lantern ballet flats:  I personally think these flats by Asos are extremely cute. But then again nearly everything from Asos is cute, and a girl hcan never have too many flats...or heels. 

A little bit of floral:  I love floral, but i don't have much of it in my wardrobe at the moment and its not really in fashion, so why not introduce some with something as simple as a phone case? This one can be found at, yes, Target.

Polka dots:  I am completely in love with these Yumi blue polka dot bow belt shorts from Newlook.com  
Though I don't own any polka dot yet, these shorts have definitely inspired me to invest in some!

Vera Wang- night:  I have actually already got this perfume, and I absolutely love it! It's a mixture of a musky but romantic scent that you will want to shower yourself in. I would save it for special occasions and just go with a light and playful scent for the day, though. 

Body lotion:  I have recently started using body lotion a lot more often and it's definitely paying off. I used to think there was never a difference, but I couldn't be more wrong! Just be careful with the brand you get in case you are allergic to some of the ingredients. 

Summer in the City: If you haven't heard of The Carrie Diaries by Candace Bushnell, I will give you a short definition; it's the kind of book that is good for some light reading at home when your feeling lazy, but then again, it's not for everyone. I read the first book and i'm now waiting for the second one to arrive.

So this was just some of the things i want to save up for, or that i'm currently loving. I hope you enjoy and try out some of the thing i mentioned!

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