New Year, New Blog

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{Second photo was found on the photos sharing website www.weheartit.com}

Let me start by Introducing myself. My name is Imogen, I am a part time student and full time dreamer, fashion lover, and inspiration enthusiast. I live in Australia and I love anything that makes me smile or makes me say "That's so pretty!". I believe in retail therapy, and apart from fashion my hobbies circulate around music and art. Mostly music. I did have (and still do have) another Blog apart from this one, which I am transferring some of my ideas from as you would see if you visited it. (Click here). 

Something that might excite you about me is that I have travelled all around Europe and in some places in Asia. I don't say this to brag, but to assure you that there is more to me then just a wishful soul. When it comes to Paris, I know what I am talking about. I speak French and wish to live there for a year as an exchange student later on in my life. But enough about that. 

This Blog will feature fashion, my personal style, as well as other things. Music is a big part in my life (I sing, play guitar, piano, a little bit of percussion, and the cello). Follow me on Keek, where I post covers of songs. 
More on that later. Anyway, moving on. I also love art, which also will be featured on this Blog from one time to another.  

So you see, this isn't just an ordinary fashion Blog. 
Stay tuned my fellow dreamers.

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