Lunch at the cupcake parlour

I am completely loving my new nail polish- a creamy Robbins egg blue that makes me smile every time I look at them. The thought that these holidays are ending soon makes me feel as though  haven't done enough. I've been surviving on coffee in the morning just to make sure I don't fall asleep standing up during the day. So my mother and I organised a little lunch date to meet with my Aunts at the cupcake parlour.

Shelves upon shelves of cupcakes in every single shape, size, and colour you could imagine. They have gluten free, vegan, chocolatey goodness, red velvet, vanilla, and so much more the list could go on for miles. Though we obviously came on a bad day because by the time we got there mid afternoon there were only two cupcakes left. They had also run out of cream. We still got to enjoy the cupcakes we came for, though.

What I wore :
*Sportsgirl floral jumpsuit.
*Vintage opal ring- (bought at markets)
* Rubi Shoes buckle up flats (not seen)
Colette by Colette Haymen bag
*Voodoo dolls sunglasses 

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