Astrological Constellations and other interesting things x

First of all, I want to express my apologies for pretty much completely dropping this blog this year. Things have been very chaotic and I've simply had no time due to dealing with school, etc, but I'm back! I'm actually here to present to you my brand-new Polyvore account (follow me here) and show to you my experimentations with the themes and fun adventures of creating a great set! So I really hope you enjoy!


Wildfox Couture- Taking the fashion world by storm!

Confused about your style? Want a brand that sells both adorable but sporty clothes, as well as just plain girly? Well, you've come to the right place.

Wildfox Couture is the best up-and-coming brand I have seen yet; with it's pretty designs and cute little quotes on tee's, it will leave you wanting more. 

Tired of looking at designs that everyone has already done? Wildfox has provided original and unique designs for people who are just that- original and unique. They're satisfying with they're extremely good quality of clothing and reasonable prices. You'll be bragging to your friends about the best new designer brand in no time! 

If you want a taste of Wildfox, just head to http://www.wildfoxcouture.com/ and shop away!

Until next time xx


Work Experience for a stylist- Part 1

For my Work experience I didn't really know what to do, but when i was offered the chance to work for my Aunty, also great stylist, Laura Stead (www.thestylereport.com.au) I was beyond thrilled. The chance to work for four days surrounded by gorgeous clothes and experts who definitely know what they are doing! It was heaven, just the thought of it made me smile stupidly. So for the next few weeks i will be following up on my experiences with a few blog posts about the products i have received, and tried (like NAK- a Australian brand of hair products) And about the labels and brands I have come across and now realise I want nothing more than to stock up on their products. But I will also explain to you what it was like having the time of my life;, even though it was hard work racing from shop to shop preparing for the fashion parade, i got to play with clothes!

So keep checking and i will try to update as often as possible. 
Until next time! xx


March through my eyes

This month has been stressful, but i'm happy that all my exams are finally over. I haven't written on here in a while, but i have been very busy. 

Basically, i have spent my time shopping and spending many days with my friends, making plans to take trips into the city whenever we can. I've been editing my instagram account, which is now up and running, if you guys would like to follow m (i pretty much always follow back) - miss_ximix

These photos are samples from my account, of the kind of things you should be expecting. 

How has your month been?


My favorite bloggers ❤

Sorry for the delay in posts, but this one is one that i'm sure you will all love!
These blogs are the ones i have been following for a long time and i'm positive you will all adore there work. They are:

She brings to our computer screens beautiful pictures of her adventures around the world, and her amazing personal style. She lives in Melbourne, Australia. 
She never fails to impress!

Miss B's blog, A girl a style is enjoyable and exciting to read, due to the many beautifully thought out posts and her classy and elegant style.

Elena has a very interesting style. I personally love reading her post and seeing what she comes up with .The blog is very cute and decorated nicely, and the photos are very well taken as well.

So there you have it! My main favorite blogs that are nearly always in one of my background tabs.
I hope you check these out and enjoy!